Help’n Momma

Another song… tune written by Danny Rash, arranged by Ted Lombard, lyrics by me.. has the sound of a Pink Panther sneaky doings-on.  Original title is Muddy Minor:


They all think

nights the night

We do pizza, pop and rum

They don’t know 

Momma’s got spinach in the dough


They all say

‘not my turn,

Oh so tired’

They don’t learn


They can’t see

Momma’s up to sneak-er-y


A cup a soymilk

And now the Barley Green

A pack a tofu

Baked in the apple pie

Oh and some castor oil

And topped with turmeric


One wild supper

And they be help’n Momma next time

Help’n Momma

They be help’n Momma next time

Help’n Momma

Work’n in the kitchen next time

Oh so helpful 

They be oh so helpful next time..

Help’n Momma

Da de da da da de da doo la dee da

Help’n Momma

Humm humm ….

Help’n Momma…

Help’n Momma…………..


Tune by Danny Rash

Arranged by Ted Lombard

Lyrics by Lisa Boyl-Davis








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