My name is Amelia.  I’ve been married for a long time. My husband is the techie sort, always interested in some new amazing thing.  He and I are as opposite as we can be. Our accumulated wealth is in the form of four amazing kids.  I have worked as a social worker for a very long time.  I am amazed by the beauty of people I sit with – shame notwithstanding and am always surprised by the power of dignity and love to heal. My hobbies are pretty simple.  Sharing a chair with my husband, looking into the faces of our kids and hearing what they just thought to tell, quilting colors, music.. mostly jazz, poetry, good books if I ever get a minute to read, moving my body in water, on a bike, in my shoes up a mountain or along a trail, and all over the house picking up the messes that never end.

All stories written about patients are a composite of thousands of patients I’ve seen over the years.  I will never break confidentiality of a patients’ story.  There are themes and patterns, however, after seeing this many patients, that emerge well worth sharing that I find to be beautiful.  This is why I mix and match my experiences to share pictures of people and their lives with my readers.



  1. Can’t wait to read your postings. Your words are always to comforting and full of assurance that you loved and in the control and arms of our amazing God….even when turmoil surrounds us.


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