The Curlew Store

This song (the tune) was written by Danny Rash, arranged by Ted Lombard (my music teacher) and I wrote the lyrics.  I have memories of walking, hot summer day, down to the Curlew Store, hoping there would be a letter waiting for me, as I was 14 and had a boyfriend in another state.  I lived and died for those letters.  That’s what this song is about.  About being a kid.  Experiencing a small town, experiencing something hoped for, and being let down.  A sweet memory of a tentative time.


Down to the store 
On a hot dusty day
Past the long wooden bench 
For waiting

It is cooler inside
Down the tall walls of goods
To the back of the store
The wall for mail

Turn the dial to the right 
Stop at 7, and then
Spin it round to the left
And I peer in

The letter I hoped would be there 
Had not made its way 
For waiting

The letter I hoped would be there 
Had not made its way 
On this hot dusty day 
Past the long wooden bench
For waiting

I’m waiting…..


By Danny Rash

Arranged by Ted Lombard

Lyrics Lisa Boyl-Davis






  1. Ah my family came through on a hot dusty day after picking apricots over the border and we stopped to see you guys and you were doing your studies–cute Amelia Ponder with your kind eyes, soft voice and sweet smile! That boy didn’t know what he was missing! ❤

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