The Abusive Treatment of Body and Narcissism

I am reblogging this. This past year I went through another bout with cancer. The reaction I had to radiation was straight off a freak show. I was unrecognizable – swollen and a real mess. Practicing kindness has allowed me to manage cancer, now, the third time – with kindness I slowly move toward healthy. A mean spirit toward myself does nothing but drive me toward the things that don’t allow me to heal. Kindness opens up space for healing. I’ve tried this approach over and over, and it’s real. Kindness is a diet of its own:)

...because healing spreads

The way we treat our bodies in this culture is the way a Narcissist treats everyone. Like something to use.  Narcissistic people are motivated by one thing.  Will this benefit me?

Let’s say I’m a Narc and I’m deciding whether I should say hello to you or not.  The thought process is simple. 

Will talking to you benefit me? 

Will talking to you make me look better? 

Will talking to you give me more power, or make me look smarter?

Will taking my time with you give me an edge in any way? 

Of course there are spiritualized versions of this. 

Will talking to you be worthy of my time?  My time really belongs to God, and after all, you didn’t listen the last time I told you what to do.

When relationally oriented (non-narc) types makes a decision, ‘Will this benefit me?’ is one of…

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