Talking is Not Unloading.

I was at my little bank today. Just through the doors and up to the counter when the banker who knows me well told me all about people who tell her all about themselves.  She tells me she’d never tell her banker all about her life.  She wonders why people walk in the door and just unload.  I sit there listening to the banker unload about others unloading on her, and I wonder why it strange to unload as the banker was unloading and I was just fine to have her unload the load she’d been handed – burdened by all the many people coming to do their banking with more than banking on their minds.  And as she counts the money, I think how nice it is that she knows me well enough to tell me all this.  And how rare it is to know anyone at all.  I think about the many trips to town, not recognizing a soul, and how special it is to know someone and to be known. 

Why do we call talking dumping, anyway?  I drive east over the mountains to a small town where family live.  People stand on the sidewalk in inclement weather, talking to each other about the weather, just for the sake of talking, and it’s such a friendly interaction, really about nothing at all.  A state or two south where my husband grew up is a lazy town.  Middle of road, often seen, a pickup that has once been heading one direction – comes across a recognizable someone, and they both stop right where they are, pause, windows down, flanneled elbows hanging out the windows, cap tips too, just saying hello, without horns a-honking behind them, there is no hurry.  And I wonder how we’ve lost all of that to education and careers. 

I suppose to get through college a person must be hyper-focused.  Must be headed a direction without delay.  Some people in small towns have attended college. And I wouldn’t say small town folk don’t get things done.  Maybe their timeframe is different from ours.  I haven’t figured it out.  I hope to one day.

In the meantime, my 8 year old is begging me to play a game and I didn’t hear a word she said until she’d said it like 4 times.  Oh dear, off to play a game:)

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