Mind Fog

I’ve so missed writing.  Day after day I’ve tried.  No luck.  Today I’m writing anyway.  Although I can’t think of a meaningful thing to write. Because my mind is a fog.  Sometimes folks with mind fog have some medical reason for it.  Such as untreated thyroid issues.  In my case, that’s been checked.  All is well in that department.  Mind fog can belong to ADHD.  Ya, I already know I have that but can’t treat it as the medicine can cause the heart reaction (Vtac) that sometimes happens to me.  Mind fog is sometimes caused by peri-menopause… there seems to be no solutions to that one but for the hereafter.  Stress can cause mind fog.  That goes away when one moves to a remote island at someone else’s expense and spends the rest of life sipping water from a coconut.  I haven’t found my benefactor yet, so that’s out.  So instead of hit a brick wall, I thought I’d blather on inside the mind of fog with high hopes that as the ugly thing is found out, it will scuttle away into the shadows.  If any of you have successfully corrected mind fog, I’d love to hear how you did it


  1. Lack of sun does it to me as does days like today with low barometer and rain. Coffee helps as does sun and longer days! I also will get it from inhalants like perfume,hair spray that type of thing. Malls have way to much out gassing of formaldehyde can’t be in there for too long or I can’t think! What I have learned over the years is to know it will be better in time and go with the flow……

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  2. Well I know at least for me either too much sleep, if I sleep and doze a little longer than my normal routine can really cause brain fog that I have the hardest time moving out of. I get really irritable when I cant focus. On the other hand too little sleep, yah know that being a mom thing that gives you fragmented sleep either a sick child or what I call my mom hearing that wakes you over and over all night. Drink plenty of water, do your side to side cross body movements and try to get OUTSIDE and ground yourself with your senses.


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