Trauma Treatment

Written for all who have had multiple traumas and try hard to be “fine”.


Everyone thinks I’m fine

I haven’t been so shut down since parts were cut off me last,

since I was carved on,

cut for the healing of me.

And isn’t that what trauma work is.

A carving.  A clearing out,

a reworking of the old wound

cleared away for the new to heal all complete and pink.

Everyone thinks i’m fine

I haven’t been so shut down since last time I said

“I’m fine, thank you.”

In answer to a question that wasn’t one.

Everyone thinks I’m fine

And that’s OK.

I will be again one day –

And what they think

And what I am will line up nice again.



    1. You get this too, working with folks who are holding it together and you know they’re not fine but they are fine because they will be one day. Love this work so much. Amazing clients.


  1. WOW I understand, I have not many words only, I so look forward to being WHOLE SOON I have gone from Fine to Good, Now onto Healed a complete closure of my wounds, the words and feelings will match the body response.


  2. Thank you for your words. They speak so powerfully to me. Trauma hurts and I’m not okay. But I’m holding onto hope that my day will come, maybe not till heaven, but it will come.


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