Happy 100th Birthday Big B.


Today Boeing turns 100.  One hundred years of imagining aircraft into form and shape.  Pieces of materials, parts imagined, then carved and beat and poured into being.  Aircraft for every purpose.  Like ants they are, the hundreds of thousands of workers, every nationality under the sun working cooperatively, working on their part, doing the one thing they are hired to do, and from it a plane takes form and flies. 

The impossibility of it all takes my breath away.  How are imperfect people able to orchestrate such a thing as cooperation from regulatory agencies, states, unions, communities, insurance companies, road systems, governments let alone individuals told to do one thing with a bent to do another?  I have a tough time getting my 4 kids and husband and myself to sit down at the dinner table during same hour of the day. 

How has Boeing managed to make one plane, let alone hundreds of thousands?  And how have they built a plane for predictable safe flight?  My husband has been one of millions who has given much of his life blood for the cause.  The 100th anniversary.  We celebrated with Boeing by taking Adored Uncle and Auntie with us.  Won’t ever forget the night. 

Here’s to another 100 years, big B. DSC_0149


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