Uniform Colors


Chapel uniforms have been the same four years in a row for our school kids. For some reason I can not ever remember what they are. Navy and kaki, white and kaki, or the burgundy and navy. Humm… maybe it’s the navy with the white. Well, year book came home with the kids yesterday. Oh dear, picture after picture. Ribs started aching at the outlandish hilarity of what we were seeing. Butterfly – the only little Pre-K’er wearing a kaki jumper and white blouse under, kind of the centerpiece angel, surrounded by her entire class wearing burgundy and navy. All Mr. Business in his class picture wearing a burgundy shirt and navy pants… color was right amazingly, but the only one without a vest. Another picture – there she goes… Butterfly running for the fund raiser, rainbow striped shirt and hot pink pants, the rest of her class behind and before wearing the burgundy spirit-wear.

For Mom’s Day at school a month or so ago, All Mr. Business asked me what my most embarrassing moment ever in my life was. After listening to my story, I asked him about his most embarrassing ever in his life moment. He told me it was a few years ago when I told him to dress for spirit day… he showed up to school in cowboy attire, from boots to chaps to belt, bandana and the hat – only to find out it wasn’t spirit day… nor was it spirit week. I remember the day well. I drove up to the school end of day. Marching up to the car he swung open the door, plopped onto the seat, slammed the door hard and announced “I HATE SPIRIT WEEK!!” Making my way out of the Mom’s Day event, I stopped to tell the school “Mother” about this incident. It took her a bit to contain the howling, snorting doubled over laughter – catching her breath she said she remembers that day. One of the teachers came by to ask her why Henry wore cowboy clothes to school. “I don’t know. I guess he likes to wear chaps and boots. I wonder if he remembers he attends a school with uniforms.” The kids and I realized, laughing hysterically as we poured over the year book that we really missed having College Girl home this year. Didn’t realize how much she had helped our entire family keep our details straight.

Well here’s to College Girl home for summer, and the minimal clothing complications summer might bring:)


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