Gift Prayer

Summer and Fall 2013 1086

Tomorrow I turn 47. My Birthday is the day I hate most, pretty much. The day I’m suppose to wait around wondering who loves me by what they say or what they give. This year I’m rebelling. I’ve decided I’m old enough to do birthdays how I like them. So, from now on, my birthday is the gift I’ve been given by God, and so will be letting all the people in my life know how much I love them. I know my family and friends love me. Because they are busy, or broke or forgetful or for whatever reason don’t send something, I refuse to feel sad. I refuse to love the friends who remember my birthday more than the friends that don’t. I rarely or never remember anyones birthday.  Complete bunk. It’s a measure that just hurts in my opinion…so from now on, love goes the other direction… out to you, the girlfriends who have listened to me through every imaginable frustration, who have laughed with me historically over who knows what, who have told me your raw yuck… who trust me enough to do so. My love goes out to Adored Husband for all the ways he has cared for and loved me in his own way. To my four amazing and beautiful children, too amazing to be related to me, and yet call me Momma. To my beautiful Mom who is one of the most resilient, intelligent, fun loving and driven persons I have ever known. To my sisters, blood and otherwise, who love me as is, live parallel lives and share that path with me. To my Mother in Law and Father in law for having a son I adore. To you and the rest of my family all over the country side and world…. I’m glad to be related to you. To the people I’ve worked with, who know how I fumble on remembering names and paperwork and processes we do every single shift, and still I can’t seem to remember. To my clients who are not reading this, but who have made me see the world through a lens of hope and strength, for what they have experienced and still come out the other side beautiful and strong. To all the professionals who have helped me get my license, get organized and start my practice. To the dedicated teachers… Sunday School, and school, who have blessed our kids and family richly. I am the luckiest person in the world.

Out my window is grass green, my fridge is full of food. I sleep each night in a bed soft and beside my best friend and lover. I ware clothes that fit, shoes that protect my feet. Listen to music, read amazing books. I’m so glad for the 47 years I’ve had. I pray that this year, each of you know how much I love you… and know how much God loves and adores you as is. That’s the birthday gift I’m praying for… a gift prayer for each of you.

With Love,


  1. You are one of His beautiful creations, inside and out. I understand and fully agree with your reasons for hating the day, and am so glad you know that you are loved, whether we remember to wish you a happy b-day or not. 🙂


    1. Same back atcha dear friend. Yes, have always felt very loved by my friends and fan!! Not lacking there. Just musing about how the culture has us yanked around a bit about what to feel according to what we are suppose to expect on a given special day. UNLIKE!!


  2. Awesome Lisa! Thank you for your special gift to us, to me! So neat to remember everyone and choose joy in your special day. And i hope there are many lovely moments for you to enjoy! I completely turned my thinking on birthdays this year too and it worked too as at the end of the day (spent away in a remote village) i realized i hadn’t heard the the happy birthday wish (on that day) at all and i was completely okay with it. i was reminded that the God who engraved my name in His hand never forgets….


    1. Ann, I remembered you that special day. I was wondering if you were in the bush somewhere. What an adventurous life my friend Ann lives. You are a gift that keeps on giving. Every time we sit for a talk, we manage to share more of ourselves, even though we’ve been doing that for 25plus years… you’d think we’d run out of topics.. but nope, there’s always more of you I don’t know. Deep wells, they call us:) Love you friend. Goodnight for me and good morning for you:)


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