Does God Guide Misguiding?

Dark and raining hard, Adored Husband and I rush into Fredies to grab a few things. Way out of store, there in the shadows, a pale man with haggard eyes approaches us and quickly hands us a small book and is out of sight. Glancing down I see the title and know immediately what he had handed me. A book based on a false prophet, sensationalism, fear and lies. An idea that has caused so much pain to many generations. A world view that has not improved the world, but harmed it, one person and family and generation at a time.

Dodging puddles, bags situated, we settle in our seats. A thought forms slowly around what just happened. I wonder if God guided that man to give us this book so that one less is floating around, robbing yet one more person of a full, free, trusting life in Christ.

Might God guide misguiding?

Adored Husband and I talk for awhile. I think of Job.  Of even the Devil getting permission from God on what his limits are with perpetration towards people. Its heavy. Even painful, as the reality places responsibility on God. Yet God is Good, and Sovereign at the same time. He governs the affairs of men.

I ask God, seated there in the car, wipers one way, then the other, rain pounding harder than before, that I be a vessel of misguiding. That I be in the path of another tortured soul trying to do what they believe right, all the while strewing lies that harm. That I receive more and more of these articles of death and dispose of them properly.

Haggard eyes – I see them again in my heart. “God, he could be free. You directed this man to give his book of destruction to me. Please Lord Jesus, tug at this mans heart. Guide him to the truth. Guide him to you.”

“For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:30


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