God Speak

Hoot, hoot, the eerie sound echoes in the straight up hours of morning, the black stillness of early, the hoot calls to me.  Owl has not been around in years.. maybe six or eight.  I remember hearing Owl when All Mr. Business was a baby.  Then it has been 10 years since I can remember his distinct strange calls.  And this day, beginning hours, is one year from the day Dad died, surrounded by family, there to see him off to a better place.  Dad loved most of all the world of the wild.  And wild animals top of list.  His camera and eye were all he needed to be off on adventure and engrossed for hours, sometimes days or months.  I can’t imagine what he’s taking in now, in a land of endless possibilities, no challenges to prevent him from the beauty God created.  He left behind Mom, after nearly 49 years together.  She has been so strong, going through all necessary steps to heal from the hole in her heart.  But she knows this life is not all that is.  Owl calls again.  God is not limited.  He speaks in many ways – maybe even by way of  a once in 10 year owl call.  Owl calls – and I remember the treasure one man found in God’s Wild Creatures.         


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